LG - Advanced Learning

Oct & Nov '08

While the owner is away, the hi-tech gadgets will come out to play. Protected by the shroud of night and an empty house, a band of super advanced television components come together & take center stage to create their own stunning lightshow.

I was brought in to Digital Domain to concept, design and figure out how to bring to life an intricate lightshow described in Carl Erik Rinsch directors treatment.

After extensive initial image research on light, I created a series of styleframes that explored how the light came together to form a central lightshow. I knew it would be key to work with Josh Nimoy on the project to push and expand a piece he had written and offered open source on his personal website called "Pinch". Josh was down for the cause and wrote several OpenGL applications in C++ that gave me the parameters & control to tweak and render beautiful cones of light tissue and the central light orb.

Although the project timeline didn't allow for full 3d camera matching within Josh's systems and subsequent integration before delivery, we did turn the corner after extensive testing and were able to match the cones of light in Josh's systems to camera moves (which you can see at the end of the behind the scenes video below). This project set solid groundwork for more advanced coding system development on future projects with Josh.


LG Learning Final Spot ... 1:00

LG Learning Behind The Scenes ... 2:18

LG End Resolve ... :03

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