Zune - Raw Deluxe

November '07

This project for Zune through Digital Kitchen Seattle was a great overall experience. I was brought in to help define the branding and attitude of the "Raw Deluxe" aesthetic - showcasing the forms, textures and inspirations behind the latest generation of Zune devices.

For the first two weeks, I worked remotely with the Seattle office and shot a ton of textures of both raw and luxurious materials. With this photographic base as a guide, Brad Abrahams and I led the rest of the job at the DK Seattle office (which actuallly has a great raw deluxe aesthetic to it's interior) with a small but talented crew. Whether it was DIY element shoots or scouring Seattle for additional textural photography, it was a great opportunity to push myself to create beautiful photographic visuals and bring them to life in motion.


Zune Raw Deluxe ... 1:05 ... 24MBs

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